Special Educators

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Hear 2 Learn's special educators utilize accommodating learning techniques to empower children with a wide range of abilities and needs. 

Discover the many ways in which our special educators can help children with special needs achieve their potential. 

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Hear 2 Learn's special educators include Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. This teacher provides language therapy, auditory training, communication instruction to the family (such as sign language, cued speech, speech-reading), cognitive therapy to facilitate overall development, and information to families concerning social issues related to deafness, as well as educational options for their child.

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Early Intervention Specialists

If you're looking for early intervention services for your child, the Hear 2 Learn early intervention specialists may be able to help.

Early intervention specialists are qualified to help children (birth through age 4) with developmental disabilities learn. Our early intervention specialists help to prevent further delays in learning and/or processing. This can assist in mitigating the severity of developmental issues. 

Early intervention specialists make learning approachable and fun for children with developmental disabilities. Our early intervention specialists have the specialized knowledge and experience to evaluate a child, determine a treatment plan, implement teaching activities and set developmental goals. Early intervention specialists may also refer your child to other Hear 2 Learn specialists if appropriate. 

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Special Education Itinerant Teachers (SEIT)

Our Special Education Itinerant Teachers (SEIT) program teachers work with children in their mainstream educational programs, day care settings or in their homes. This enables our special education teachers to collaborate with mainstream preschool teachers and other professionals involved with the children’s development, as well as with parents and other caregivers. 

Hear 2 Learn's Special Education Itinerant Teachers help families and teachers establish environments at home or at school that promote your child's development and learning. 

In encouraging and promoting your child's development, our SEIT teachers will work on the following skills with your child:

  • Pre-Academic Skills
  • Social Interaction Skills
  • Behavior Skills

Practicing and encouraging these skills, among others, will help your child be successful in a home or school setting.

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Other Special Educators on the Hear 2 Learn Team

In addition to the above special educators, the Hear 2 Learn team includes a network of special educator professionals. This includes:

Get Help from Hear 2 Learn Social Workers

Social workers assist individuals with problem solving and coping with problems. Our social workers can also help with diagnosing and treating behavioral or emotional health issues.  

The social workers at Hear 2 Learn can evaluate the individual needs of a child, identifying a child's strengths to establish goals for personal development and progress. Our social workers are also qualified to refer parents to community resources or specialists who may be able to provide needed support. 

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Assistance from Registered Dietitians 

Hear 2 Learn's registered dietitians can assist children in achieving and maintaining personal dietary and nutrition goals. Registered dietitians can evaluate a child's dietary needs, provide counsel on nutrition issues and eating habits as well as create meal plans that account for both a parent's budget and a child's nutritional needs. 

Our registered dietitians are experienced in developing meal plans and personalized nutrition guidelines that accommodate for a child's medical conditions.  

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Depending on a child's needs and medical conditions, the longer a child goes without help from special educators, the more severe delays and disabilities can become.

Whether you're looking for professional assistance from Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, early intervention specialists, social workers, registered dietitians, or a combination of different types of special educators, Hear 2 Learn can empower your child to achieve their potential.

If you're not sure which type of special educator may be the most suitable to meet your child's needs, Hear 2 Learn can also help you identify who and where to go to. 

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