Educational Audiology

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Educational audiologists assess the special needs of children with hearing loss in an educational setting and help design an educational program and environment to facilitate learning and development.

What is the Purpose of Educational Audiology in Preschool?

  • The main purpose of educational audiology in preschool is to ensure that your child has the same access to spoken instruction as his or her peers with normal hearing. This may include the use of an FM system. It will also include strategies to reduce background noise and reverberation in the classroom.
  • In addition, the educational audiologist will work with your child’s teachers and therapists to educate them about your child’s hearing loss and what teaching strategies would be most appropriate for their unique needs.

Educational Audiology Programs in Central New York

CiTi: Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation
(315) 963-4251
CiTi Audiology 

OCM BOCES - Audiology Services
(315) 488-9034
OCM Boces Audiology Services
103 Third Street Solvay, NY 13209

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